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Title: A Study of High-Performance Frequency Synthesizer Based on Digital Bang-Bang Phase-Locked Loop for Wireless Applications
Other Titles: Nghiên cứu về Bộ tổng hợp tần số hiệu suất cao cho ứng dụng không dây dựa trên vòng khóa pha kỹ thuật số Bang - Bang
Authors: Vo, Tuan Minh
Advisor: Levantino, Salvatore, Prof.
Keywords: Bang - Bang Phase - Locked Loops (BB-PLLs)
Digital/Time Converter (DTC)
Least - Mean - Square (LMS)
Frequency - Aid
Ternary Phase Detector (TPD)
Pre - Distortion Linear - Piecewise
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Description: Doctoral thesis. Major: Electronics; 149 papes.
Table of contents: Chapter 1. Fractional-N Digital Bang-Bang PLLs; Chapter 2. Frequency Aid Technique; Chapter 3. LMS Calibration Loop; ...
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