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Title: Structuration de Matrices à Base de Pectine : Formulation, Caractérisation, Fonctionnalités et Libération Contrôlée Lors de l’encapsulation
Other Titles: Cấu trúc chất nền pectin: công thức, đặc tính, chức năng và phát hành kiểm soát trong quá trình đóng gói
Authors: Huynh, Thi Diem Uyen
Advisor: Chambin, Odile, Prof.
Assifaouis, Ali, Dr.
Keywords: Pectins
Divalent cations
Binding mechanism
Issue Date: 2016-10-12
Publisher: Universite de Bourgogne Franche-Comte
Description: These de doctorat. Spécialité : Sciences de l’Alimentation; 154 pages
Table of contents: Chapter 1 Bibliographic study; Chapter 2 Effect of NaCl concentration on the conformation and on the structure of polygalacturonate and pectin in solution. Ability to bind calcium ions; Chapter 3.Interaction between divalent cations (Ca²⁺, Zn²⁺, Ba²⁺, Mg²⁺) and polyelectrolytes (LMP and PGA) in dilute regime: study of the structure of the network and the mechanism of gelation; ...
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