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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)Source
2017Bi-level optimization model based evaluation of wholesale electricity price intervals considering the wind power uncertainty and elastic demandPham, Nang Van; Nguyen, Duy Cung; Nguyen, Duc Huy-The University of Danang
2016The impact of TCSC on transmission costs in wholesale power markets considering bilateral transactions and active power reservesPham, Nang Van; Nguyen, Dong Hung; Nguyen, Duc Huy-The University of Danang
2015Re-synchronization of measurement signals from two ends for fault location on transmission linesNguyen, Xuan Vinh; Nguyen, Duc Huy; Nguyen, Xuan Tung-The University of Danang
2016A tool for unit commitment schedule in day-ahead in pool based electricity marketsPham, Nang Van; Nguyen, Duc Huy; Nguyen, Van Duong; ...-The University of Danang