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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)Source
2017Assessment of the use of raw fly ash with high loss on ignition in concreteNgo, Si Huy; Huynh, Trong Phuoc; Le, Thi Thanh Tam-The University of Danang
2017Compressive strength development and thermal conductivity of an eco-friendly cementless mortarHuynh, Trong Phuoc; Hwang, Chao Lung; Vo, Duy Hai-The University of Danang
2017Effect of fly ash content on engineering properties of unfired building bricksNgo, Si Huy; Huynh, Trong Phuoc-The University of Danang
2016Engineering performance of alkali-activated green building bricks in corporating solid waste materialsHuynh, Trong Phuoc; Vo, Duy Hai-The University of Danang
2018Evaluation of properties of controlled low-strength material produced using a ternary mixture of waste red mud, slag and portland cementHuynh, Trong Phuoc-The University of Danang
2017An experimental study on properties of high-performance concrete using recycled aggregatesHuynh, Trong Phuoc; Nguyen, Tien Dung; Ngo, Si Huy; ...-The University of Danang
2019Recycling of industrial waste Phosphogypsum for producing no-cement mortarHuynh, Trong Phuoc; Do, Ngoc Duy; Bui, Le Anh Tuan-The University of Danang