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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)Source
2015A contrastive analysis on cognitive metaphors denoting the concept of "War and Peace" in anti-war songs in English versus VietnameseNguyen, Thi Hong Men; Dinh, Thi Minh Hien-The University of Danang
2016Loss and Gain phenomena in the English translations of conceptual metaphors of “Human status” in Trinh Cong Son’s songsDinh, Thi Minh Hien; Trinh, Thi Thu Thao-The University of Danang
2017A study on syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features of hyperbolic expressions in CEO new items in English versus VietnameseDinh, Thi Minh Hien; Chu, Thi Mui-The University of Danang